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Nevertheless, Towing Service Chicago of running plates and knocking on doors–though clever, and definitely a lifesaver to those people who were notified in this way–is rather liberal use of police support. Think if police had a device which enabled them to enter the home number of a channel…and, immediately, there would be a telephone call and email given to the purchaser of the vehicle, warning them to “leave it or drop it?”

Yes, policemen could still knock on doors…but as the last option, after the more efficient and high-tech tactic disappointed to reach the owner of the vehicle. Finally, no matter how you slice it, some vehicles will get towed. This when it becomes important to track vehicle data on the internet, in real terms.

But there appears to be an encouraging trend taking root, and maybe it has something to do with the bad economy, ironically enough. Public leaders know citizens are hurting. Also having your car towed–particularly right ere Christmas–is an unkind cut, and best bypassed entirely.

There is no end to this predatory towing abuses in Oregon, which recently entered a domestic struggle victim “re-victimized” by the infamous “Towing Service Chicago” outfit. Luckily…

Oregon has Towing service Chicago, who visits on top of these issues and regularly brings up the need to prevent “patrol towing” in Oregon, like California and Administration State have already banned the practice. Sean’s recent blog post, click here, including a bunch of URLs with knowledge about the ongoing saga with Towing service Chicago.

I’ve helped Sean to use live links with his blog, a system which requires only a slight bit of professional know-how

Hither is some highlights from Sean’s material which I’d want to highlight:

According to an article in the Oregonian, click here, there did a predatory towing uprising event, which involved an angry crowd and an effort to set fire to the tow truck, with the agency owner under suspension. My blog has been attempting to document these upgrades, like the one in at Abbey Court in Carrboro, North Carolina, which seems to have done the Lexington and Concord of this widening resistance.

That type of citizen-led direct action seems to be picking up a cloud at the same time the public grows more enlightened on the concept of predatory and abusive towing through efforts similar those of Towing Service Chicago and Rastowing.

Towing service Chicago wrote about the different incident, described by KATU, in which a motorist for Sergeant’s tow jacked the car of a female in labor.